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Freedom that fits your life — and your yard. No matter the size, shape or style of your property, Invisible Fence® Brand keeps your pet feeling right at home.

Boundary Plus® Technology.

Exclusive to Invisible Fence
Limited space. Unlimited independence.

Your yard might be small. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep your pet on a short leash. Our exclusive Boundary Plus technology lets your dog or cat play right up to the edge of your property. It provides on average 30% more yard space, so it’s the perfect fit for tight spaces or uniquely shaped lots. So, relax. And let your pet make the most of your (not-so-square) yardage.

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    Perceived endless boundary.

    Prevents any “break-out” where a pet might run beyond the signal’s reach. That means there’s no chance for them to escape, and no need for you to worry.

    Zero accidental yard lockouts.

    Other systems can literally give your pet mixed signals, confusing him with a correction if he breaks the boundary and then tries to re-enter — which could keep him from coming home. With Boundary Plus containment fencing, your pet stays home. No confusion. No lockouts. No stress.

    Exclusive technology.

    Available only from Invisible Fence® Brand — the original innovators of dog fences for more than 40 years.

  • How it works.

    How it works.

    Your neighborhood Invisible Fence® Brand professional installs a durable, discreet cable around the perimeter of your property to create an Invisible Boundary® area.
    A transmitter, usually placed in your garage or basement, sends a digital radio signal along the cable.
    That digital radio signal is picked up by your pet’s custom Computer Collar® Receiver. Should he forget or test his limits, the Computer Collar delivers a warning tone as he approaches the Invisible Boundary area. If necessary, it provides a gentle but effective static correction, so he knows he’s gone too far.
    Our certified trainers use positive reinforcement to teach your pet where he can and can’t go. That way, your dog or cat understands, and stays within the boundaries you establish.
    Over the last 40 years, we’ve found that most pets are quick learners. And they’re eager to enjoy the great outdoors within limits — and without testing their boundaries.

GPS 2.0: The Ultimate Wire-Free Pet Fence™ Solution.

Exclusive to Invisible Fence
The sky’s the limit.

Wire-free. Worry-free. Introducing GPS 2.0 containment technology — the most advanced pet fence on the market. Invisible Fence puts the power of GPS satellite technology to work, so you can set customized boundaries in the size and shape you choose. There’s no maximum yard size, however suited for properties that are 5 acres or more in size. No digging. No terrain restrictions, but a professional will make sure that neighbors, roads and other factors aren't an issue. And best of all, no limits but the ones you choose. It’s a whole new way to live with your pet. And it’s only from Invisible Fence.

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    Completely customizable.

    Our GPS 2.0 containment technology puts you in control, so you decide the design of your perimeter boundary — with no maximum size limitations.

    Works across varied terrain, including water.

    After all, your grounds might involve more than, well, ground. And now your pet is free to experience more of it.


    With no wires to install, bury or maintain, you’re free to focus on what matters most…enjoying your pet.

    Select a size (or more).

    Create smaller boundaries within your perimeter boundary to help protect your pet from temptations like pools, landscaping, even livestock areas.

  • How it works.

    How it works.

    Our GPS-based system doesn't require wire to be buried around your property. You determine your property boundaries, and they’re set on a computer by a GPS technician.
    Your pet’s GPS 2.0 Mobile Collar™ receiver communicates with a base unit placed discreetly in the highest point of your home. The base unit improves the accuracy and response of your pet's GPS 2.0 Mobile Collar receiver.
    If your pet approaches the designated boundary, the custom-programmed GPS 2.0 Mobile Collar receiver delivers a warning tone as a reminder to encourage him to turn back. If necessary, the collar provides a gentle but effective static correction.
    Most pets learn very quickly, and rarely test their new boundaries. After all, they’re busy and happy, enjoying their freedom.

Traditional Containment.

Tried and true.

When it comes to pet fences, traditional doesn’t mean old school. In fact, since we first created dog fencing in 1973, our traditional containment systems have remained a popular choice with pets — and their favorite people. In fact, these days, Invisible Fence traditional solutions like our 800 Series Digital Pet Fence provide advanced technology and features customized to your yard. It’s reliable. Affordable. Trusted for more than 40 years. And nothing could be more forward-thinking than that.

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    The original solution.

    For more than 40 years, Invisible Fence has been the most trusted name in yard safety for pets. And it all started with our traditional containment systems.

    Industry-leading satisfaction.

    No other system has kept pets safer, or their humans happier.

    Training comes standard.

    Our Perfect Start™ Plus training helps your pets understand their new boundaries, making the most of the technology — and your yard space. You’ll even get updates on your pet’s progress with a Digital Report Card.

    Plays nice with others.

    The 800 Series Digital Pet Fence is fully compatible with other Invisible Fence solutions and products.

Outdoor Shields® Plus Solution.

Protecting pets. And prize-winning petunias.

You love your pet. And you love having a beautiful yard. But you don’t love it when your flowerbed is turned into a giant litter box or a secret burial ground for rawhides. What’s more, many flowers and plants can be toxic to pets. But our Outdoor Shields Plus Solution helps protect your cat or dog not only from the landscaping, but also other outdoor trouble spots — like garbage cans, pools, grills and fire pits. Only from Invisible Fence.

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    • Adjustable signal field.

      Outdoor Shields Plus provides a circular signal field up to 12 feet in diameter.

    • Discreet and compatible with your outdoor environment

      Equipment blends naturally with your landscaping.

    • Custom options.

      If you like, a discreet cable — just like the one used with our pet fences — can be used to design a customized safe area for your pet.

    • Part of Invisible Fence total home pet care.

      Outdoor Shields Plus is fully compatible with our other Outdoor Solutions, including 800 Series and Boundary Plus Pet Fences, as well as our exclusive Doorman Electronic Pet Door.


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